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How to write a Reference Letter?

When we go for a job, we have in mind that we only have to take our documents and CV. We give good interviews and pass the test if any is conducted. But still, we fail to qualify for the job. Do you have any idea why it happens? When you apply for a job in any multinational company, you may require a recommendation letter or reference letter as recognised popularly. If you have a good reference letter, it can get you your dream job within a blink of an eye, and you will not be required to make any effort at all.

How to write a Reference Letter?

A reference letter or a recommendation letter is the one which is written by a person who is scholarly or is in a good position acknowledging and standing by the applicant’s positivity and skills. It includes the acknowledgement of the applicant’s good character and that he is a worthy employee and can be trusted for the job he has applied for. These letters are required, especially when a person is applying for a job, an internship, or even admission to any high-class school.

The reference letters may differ according to their type and are written according to the applicant’s demand. If he has applied for a job, the letter will be professional. In which the applicant’s accomplishments are explained, including his qualification. So, if the letter is demanding the acknowledgement of a person’s character, then and only then it will be required to state the person’s character and whether he possesses all the necessary qualities to get selected for the job. If you are required to acknowledge a person’s educational background and grades, it is provided according to the demand.

How to write?

It is very easy to write a reference letter or recommendation letter. The only thing you’ll have to focus on will be what you will have to include in it.

  • First of all, you will have to address the person. You are writing the letter by Ms/Sir name or Dear Sir. These salutations are very common and probably used in reference letters. Then you will have to tell in the 1st para how you know the applicant and how you are qualified enough to speak on his behalf.
  • So, then in the forthcoming paragraphs. You will have to discuss the required things about the applicant in detail. Without missing any information, the employer may get complete knowledge of the applicant.
  • Then you have to close the letter politely asking to consider the applicant. And sign at the end.

The length of the letter can be as long as 2 pages.

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