Installation and Permit Requirements for Metal Garages in Texas: What You Need to Know


The Lone Star state of America is blessed with vast farmland and is famous for ranches. Texas’s warm summers stretch over high-rise mountains and a varied landscape. Texans know what they want: a comfortable Western lifestyle that matches their values. That’s why a metal building is the perfect choice for any Texan. With its rugged durability and practical design, a metal building is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a space to keep up with their lifestyle.

So, are you looking to buy a metal building in Texas? We have prepared an essential check list for you to go through before buying one. Have a look.

Things You Need to Know to Install & Buy Metal Garage in Texas

Local Building Codes

If you live in Texas, building codes are mandatory to build any kind of steel building, whether in rural, town, or county. As of January 1, 2006, Texas has made the International Building Code necessary for all commercial buildings. It includes remodeling, expansion, repair, or any alteration.

Another factor that you may consider is the Homeowner Association (HOA) rules and guidelines. They may ask you to share home design plans or may have a say on the appearance of your home and yard.

Purpose: The main purpose of the local building code is to ensure the safety and security of human occupants and neighbors.

Building Permit

You need to have an engineered plan of your steel structure to apply for a permit in Texas. If you live in a large city, you can find information about permits on your city website. However, for county or rural areas, you can contact your municipality by visiting the office or by calling them over the phone. Note that every local municipal code is different.

In general, it can cost $75 to $300 as a permit fee. The exact fee depends upon the size and location.

Q. Is It Compulsory to Get Permit for Metal Buildings in Texas?

Whether you need a permit or not depends upon the type of structure, location, and size. Certain accessory structures such as tool sheds, playhouses, and the ones that are less than 200 sq. ft. in size may not need building permits. If you are building a storage shed or tool shed that’s larger than 200 sq. ft., then getting a permit is crucial. You can also contact your local zoning board or HOA website to know about which building code applies to your area and how to comply with it.

NOTE: You might not need a permit for cosmetic projects such as painting, wallpapering, installing cabinets, or trim work. 

Q. How to Apply for A Permit?

Steps to get a permit:

STEP 1# Get an engineered plan for your building. Simply put, you will need a blueprint of your metal garage.

STEP 2# You’ll need to fill the form with your personal information (your details & residential address), details about construction (size, height, sq. ft., location), and your steel garage’s blueprint with permit fee.

STEP 3# Schedule site inspection visit. They will visit your site in the construction phase.

STEP 4# After approval from the inspector, you will get your building approved.

Q. What If I Don’t Get a Permit?

Failure to apply for a permit or to receive one can have serious consequences. You may be penalized or forced to make design changes before you can continue the construction process. That’s why it is necessary to comply with local building codes when designing your metal garage building.

If the authority refutes your permit application, you can request a hearing or contact the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR). Kindly contact a legal professional for advice. 

Site Prep

For a long lasting building, you must have a solid foundation. And to build a solid base, you need the following:

  • Clear off your site from all debris, rocks, boulders, or vegetation.
  • Level the ground so that the base can sit firmly on it.
  • Before you start digging for the foundation, you must call Texas 811 to mark the area that has utility lines running underground.
  • Ask a soil inspector to take a look around to know if your site is suitable for construction.
  • And finally, select a base. Depending on the area, it can be ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. 


As discussed above, you can opt for any type of foundation suitable for your site. However, you need to ensure that you follow the building code guidelines. Usually, for a metal garage, a concrete foundation or a concrete strip around the outside base is recommended for long lasting durability.

Roof Style

When it comes to metal buildings, there are four major styles that you can find in the market. Let’s see them one by one.


  • These types of roofs simply have a metal panel aligned together on a flat plane. You can also get it angled to the ground.
  • These are good for small steel sheds but not recommended for a garage or larger buildings.
  • It is the cheapest roof option.


  • This type of style resembles a traditional barn roof.
  • It is one of the most economical options.
  • It adds that ‘old-world’ charm aesthetics.
  • It does not need a ridge cap or side trim.

Horizontal/ Box-Eave:

  • Here, ridges run parallel to the ground.
  • It does not require any hat cap or channel.
  • It has a nice appearance.
  • This type of roofing style is good for moderate climates.


  • This is one of the best roofing styles you can get.
  • Here, ridges run perpendicular to the ground. It helps slide away water and snow towards the ground easily.
  • A ridge cap is necessary here to seal the roof.
  • These types of roofs are most durable and easy to maintain.

Common Sizes of Steel Garage In TX, USA

Type of Garage Size

(in ft.)


(in ft.)

Utility Garage 20 x 36 10
Side Entry Garage 20 x 30 10
Metal Garage with Lean-To 30 x 55 12
Lean-To Metal Garage 50 x 60 12
Commercial Metal Building 60 x65 16


Q. How Much Does It Cost to Buy Metal Garage in Texas?

Usually, a finished metal building will cost around $18 to $29 per sq. ft. However, you may end up paying more than $40 per sq. ft. for complex designs. For raw materials, you can consider $6 to $16 per sq. ft.

Steel garages offer various advantages over other materials. It is light weight, needs less prep work, gets assembled relativity faster, and retains its structural integrity with time. In addition, galvanized steel garages are also rust-resistant and pest-resistant, and with proper insulation, they can also handle fire accidents. 

Looking for a reliable expert in high-quality metal building garages?

You can create custom metal garage buildings with the design of your choice, which will transform your property. You can also get multiple color options from builders to match your steel garage with the existing property for a seamless, cohesive look. Come and join the countless Texans who have already switched to metal buildings and experience the difference for yourself.

Choose exceptional service and expertise to ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Always buy from a reputed and experienced metal dealer for the garage that is built to last. We hope this was helpful for you.


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