How to use jumper cables?

How to use jumper cables?

As the cars are useful, they provide services, and people travel within hours or minutes. But it also has some technical hacks that everybody should know. However, they can also cause trouble while driving. In the following article, we get to know about How to use jumper cables? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Jumper cables are long thick wires with a clip in front to charge a battery. When a car is not starting up and has not enough battery, connect these jumper cables, and the vehicle charges up within minutes. Moreover, there could be various reasons that a car loses its battery.

Furthermore, this issue occurs because maybe you left the light or anything that deads the battery. On the other hand, the quality and the size of the jumper cables also matter. 

You are also wondering how to use it? let’s discuss 

Steps to use jumper cables

Following are the steps that can be observed and learned about using jumper cables.

1- You need jumper cables and a car having a good battery to charge the dead car’s battery.

2- The jumper cables have two clips. One is mostly red, and the other is black. They have some signs, one with a positive’+’ character and the other with a ‘-‘ sign. The colour may be changed and vary from company to company.

3- Attach one positive end of the cable with the car having a good battery and the other end to the vehicle having a dead battery.

4- Do the same for the clump having a negative sign. Attach one side to the good and the other to the dead car’s battery. 

5- The batteries are located in the car’s hood where the engine is located. 

6- Now starts the engine of the good battery’s car. And after sometimes start the other vehicle.

7- If your car has no other fault, it starts after this procedure. Now carefully detach the ends. Firstly, disconnect the positive ends from both the vehicles and the negative ones.


Be aware when both cars are in the charging process. The clips turn very hot while charging, so dodon’touch them and remove or detach carefully when it set. The steps discussed above can be followed easily, and you can take enough guidelines from those steps if followed accordingly. If you have any queries to ask or want to add more, please let us know in the comments below.

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