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How to stop overthinking?

Rimuginare, or the disease of thought that goes back and forth. How to be able to “turn off” the brain when needed, to regain a good mood. n this article, we read about How to stop overthinking?

Are you people who have a habit of ruminating a little too much on the things that happen every day? No fear! It is possible to get out of this negative and unproductive pattern for our lives, just wanting to. Here is everything you need to know and some helpful tips to stop thinking too much.

Probably several times, following a “strong” event such as a discussion, a problem at work, an accident, etc., you will have found yourself unable to stop thinking about the words you said and how you should have responded or behaved. . This is brooding, a situation that can become pathological if you don’t learn to rein.

Thinking too much about what happens to us is a very complex phenomenon that has become more common than we think.

What it means to ruminate and why it hurts

When we mull over something, we activate harmful thoughts that do not stop wandering through our heads and that give rise to frustration, stress, sadness and apathy. People who have this kind of thoughts, on the one hand, feel the need to reflect once again on the event that happened, on the other hand, they would like to stop doing it. It is an intrinsic struggle, therefore, within our minds.

These are real ruminations that most of the time are triggered by factors such as: discussions, errors in work, university exams or problems of various kinds. These are events that, probably, we have not been able to process correctly and therefore remain imprisoned in our thoughts.

After all, every day we are immersed in a multitude of events and circumstances that we must metabolize and let go if we do not want to fall victim to stress and precisely to ruminate without meaning.

The problem with mulling over something, in fact, is that the mind keeps turning to the same thoughts without actually arriving at any useful conclusion to stop overthinking. The result is obviously exhausting and the person has the sensation of having his head burst, among other things these ruminations can also distort the real perception of events.

What, then, can we do to avoid this?

How to avoid brooding

To free ourselves from this harmful habit we must be aware that we, and only we, are the masters of our thoughts. First of all, we must therefore become perfect observers of our body and mind and ask ourselves for example:

  • Is this thought real?
  • Is this thinking useful and productive?

If you understand that the thoughts you are having are not helping you at all, put them aside and stop giving them strength. You can also say out loud to stop overthinking: STOP! or think of those ruminations as something physical that gets smaller and smaller until it ceases to matter (a kind of positive visualization).

Some practical tips to keep in mind are:

  • Remember that thoughts like this are not your allies but the enemy! We must therefore not allow ourselves to defeat by them.
  • Practising relaxation will help you be able to keep your mind at bay
  • Meditation can also be very helpful
  • Focus on the present by letting go of the past
  • Relativize everyday problems

Another trick to try when we are mulling over something could be to entrust one’s obsessive thoughts to a notebook or a diary. Thanks to the written words, in fact, the mind will be easier to free itself from negative thoughts.

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