How to remove facial hair?

How to remove Facial hair?

How to remove facial hair: Everyone has facial hair, whether light or thick. It varies from person to person and even gender. The males have wide and long facial hair as compared to women. If any women have dark and prominent facial hairs, it might be because of any hormonal imbalance. Since childhood, we have heard that women shouldn’t remove facial hair as it grows denser and darker. But it is just a myth. After the facial hair removal, it will regrow the same manner as before. If you have any hormonal issues, the growth will differ.

The time we spend in the daytime outside the house enhances the growth of facial hairs. Women have thin and tiny facial hairs that must be removed to glorify their beauty; removing facial hairs also plays an important role.

Facial hair causes

Before discussing the facial hair removal method, let us first go through the reasons for excessive facial hair growth. Some women have peach fuzz or vellus hair, which appears during childhood and is noticeable later in life. 

On the other hand, because of hormones, the hairs become thick, dark, and prominent around the chin and mouth. It resembles a man’s beard, known as hirsutism. This condition can be easily treated with the help of proper medication or by laser treatment. Laser treatment is expensive for facial hair removal compared to other hacks or DIY face packs. But keep in mind that laser treatment permanently removes unwanted facial hairs if it charges high.

Ways to remove facial hairs

Laser hair treatment is the most effective and efficient method to remove these hairs permanently. All you need to do is to go to a good dermatologist. After your complete inspection, they will suggest some sessions, and you are done.

Laser treatment

is painless, and it works incredibly quickly. But, it is slightly irritating, not painful. A plastic surgeon or senior dermatologist usually does the treatment. Don’t consider laser treatment as surgery. It is completely different from cosmetic surgery. 

There are a lot of methods to remove light facial hairs. You need to grab kitchen ingredients and apply them to your face, keeping your skin type in mind. 

A lot of waxing kits are available online. Also, many waxing strips are known to use at home for easy hair removal.

Strip Wax

Strip wax is the easiest way to remove facial hairs. A lot of brands are selling these waxing strips. We apply wax with the help of a wooden spatula to specific areas. It sticks to the hairs. Now attach the strips to the wax layer and pull it. Strips will remove all the follicles underneath.

Hot Wax 

Hot wax is quite thick as compared to strip wax. It needed a wooden spatula for application. However, we don’t need wax strips to pull the hairs underneath the wax. Let it sit for a few seconds and pull the hot wax layer with the help of your hand, and you are done. Make sure to press the waxed area to decrease intense pain.

Beans Wax

Tiny little wax beans are non-greasy and come in many different colors and various scents. Bean wax is exactly the same as hot and strip wax.

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