How to remove acne marks?

How to remove acne marks?

Eliminating acne marks that appear on the skin, and especially on the face, is possible and permanently thanks to the treatments that at Clínica Menorca we offer you.

The most common areas where acne tends to appear and ask us for facial treatment  for deeper acne scars :

  • Cheeks
  • Front
  • Perioral area
  • Shoulders

Do you want to remove acne marks? But why do they come out?

The marks that remain on the skin after acne are not necessarily a result of having exploded pimples.

The pimple scars appear as a result of the formation of small craters of pus that are generated by infections located in the pores of the face, and whose reason or origin has not yet been identified.

Infection in the pore area alters the surrounding tissue, generates scars, which over time retract, even becoming keloid and leave those marks, acne sequels.

How is the laser treatment for acne scars and pimple marks?

At Clínica Menorca we treat acne scars with different laser technologies, depending on the need shown by the patient.

To determine which laser is the most indicated for the treatment of acne marks, the doctor inspects each patient to assess the type of mark and degree of injury. Sometimes depending on the type of skin, it can be discovered that there is a laser that gives better results than others.

The types of laser for acne scars with which our doctors treat acne spots are mainly and depending on the case:

  • Picosure
  • Plumage
  • CO2

It is important that in order to carry out the treatment to remove active acne marks, there should not be in the area or areas to be treated. If there is active acne, prophylaxis (antibiotic) with oral treatment is recommended to accelerate the process. Once there is no active outbreak, it is possible to resort to different treatments to remove acne spots with lasers, such as Picosure, Plasma, or CO2; With these lasers, we can debride the entire dermis area, break all those micro scars that have been created in the dermis so that new tissue is generated and improve the skin.

In the case of very deep marks of grains, the CO2 laser. Or the Picosure is recommended, and the Plasma when it comes to less aggressive lesions.

Bottom Line

Although lasers already come with special programs to eliminate acne spots. Our doctors customize the parameters and calibrate the machines for each patient. The doctor determines which lens to use in each case. He will calibrate the amount of energy, time, frequency. Pulses and density to be used in each patient. So, that the elimination of pimple stains is as effective as possible.

The duration of the treatment to erase acne marks is approximately 15 minutes. And the patient can go home immediately after the treatment.

Before the treatment, the patient is prepared with a previous cleaning of the surface. Where the treatment will be carried out to remove acne marks. Antiseptic prophylaxis is practiced and once the area is dry, the treatment begins.

The results of the treatment to remove acne marks. The improvements obtained, are definitive, and the patients are generally very satisfied.

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