How to disable Instagram?

How to disable Instagram?

Do you want to permanently deactivate the Instagram profile to stop appearing on this social network? Here is the step-by-step guide to disable Instagram?

How to disable Instagram?

Suppose it is true that Instagram is the social network of the moment, and the number of active users grows dramatically with each passing month. In that case, it is also true that many users registered on this social network may be worried about their privacy or no longer have the pleasure to share the moments of their life with their followers.

If you too are part of the group that considers Instagram too invasive and you are looking for a way to remove yourself from Instagram, do not worry: in a few steps, we will show you how to exit Instagram and remove your profile.

Before proceeding, however, it is necessary to tell you that by deleting yourself from Instagram, you will lose all the data shared to date. Then all the photos, videos, comments you have left and the people you follow or follow will no longer be there for your account, and everything will be deleted or reset if you prefer. So if you are still decided and want to unsubscribe from Instagram, continue reading our guide; otherwise, if you’re going to think about it for a few days, you can also deactivate the profile temporarily.

How to deactivate the Instagram profile temporarily

The temporary deactivation of the profile allows the user to disable only the account without deleting it and without losing any data.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the following page and log in with your details;
  2. Click on the little man at the top right, then tap on “Edit profile” ;
  3. Here select the item “Temporarily disable my account” ;
  4. Follow the procedure on the screen by entering why you want to deactivate the Instagram profile, enter your password and click on the blue button “Temporarily disable the account”.

Once you have followed the procedure, your profile will have been deactivated. To activate it again, log in to the application!

How to delete yourself from Instagram forever

To unsubscribe from Instagram permanently, you must necessarily access the Instagram website from your computer.

The steps to follow are very few:

  1. Open this page, then enter your username and password to open your profile;
  2. Enter the reason why you are deleting your account. By selecting one from the drop-down menu, then type the password again;
  3. Finally, click on the “Delete my account permanently” button.

Once this done, your profile will no longer exist on this social network. You have to uninstall the application from your Android or iOS smartphone to free up memory space.

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