How to clean the washing machine?

How to clean washing machine

The washing machine ensures clean laundry and ensures that we feel comfortable in our clothes. In the following article, we get to know about How to clean washing machine So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys. But what if the washing machine starts to stink and with it laundry too?

We share some guidelines to know which home remedies are best to clean the washing machine.

Clean the washing machine with dishwashing tablets

Dishwashing tablets work against crusty food on our dishes. Limescale and other soiling also work in washing machines. You need to start an empty wash cycle at 90 degrees and place the washing tablet in the drum. Bacteria, lime, or germs don’t stand a chance.

Clean it with vinegar essence and salt

As a popular alternative to conventional cleaning agents,  vinegar essence should not be missing in any household. If you want to briefly clean the detergent/fabric softener compartment with a cloth or sponge, you can return to the miracle product with a clear conscience. The lime-dissolving and disinfecting acid not only does a first-class job but is also biodegradable and, therefore, often an excellent alternative to many conventional cleaners. To clean the washing drum, however, you should instead use other means. Because even lime and other dirt are usually not a problem for vinegar. 

Clean the washing machine with soda 

There is no easier way to clean your washing machine than with soda. The soda not only cleans the engine but also cleans the laundry too. You have to add two spoons of washing powder to it, and you are done. Soda is not only popular but also a very environmentally friendly home remedy. You can also use it regularly or often as you need.

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid

The washing machine can be cleaned and descaled with citric acids. The positive effect is that the washing machine smells pleasantly afterward and becomes clean and shiny. To do this, put the said amount into the empty washing drum and, very importantly, start a wash cycle up to a maximum of 40 degrees. often should you wash your hair The reason: When it is hot, citric acid reacts with lime (calcium carbonate), and hard-to-dissolve calcium citrate is formed, which can cause even more damage to the washing machine.

Preventive tips 

  • After each washing cycle, leave the washing machine’s door open so that it reduces the risk of mold because residual moisture escapes better this way.
  • In addition, clean both compartments and the rubber seal regularly with a rag or cloth and a mild cleaning agent.
  • You should also clean the lint filter regularly and remove any hair and lint. To do this, place a flat container under the fluff filter (usually located on the lower left or lower right on the front of the washing machine) and let the water drain off. Next, remove the lint filter and clean it with a brush under lukewarm running water. Clean the sewer with a cloth or kitchen roll.

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