How to clean the mouse pad?

How to clean the mouse pad?

The smooth and clean mouse pad ensures gliding and smooth operation. But over time, any mouse pad will be covered with dust, grease, food particles, drinks, etc. Can the mouse pad be washed in the washing machine? This is not recommended: the product is easily deformed and even creeps into fragments. But for many materials, hand washing is entirely acceptable.

Can the mouse pad be cleaned? Material

The mat not only speeds up the work and makes the cursor precise but also helps you increase the speed of the mouse when playing computer games, such as a bloody model made of rubber with a fabric covering. The sliding surface is very suitable for playing, while the soft texture allows precise aiming.

What material is the top layer of the mouse pad made of:

  • cloth
  • Leather and suede
  • plastic
  • rubber
  • ung
  • Aluminum or even glass.

The cleaning method, the choice of means, and the frequency of the procedure depend on the type of top layer, which is logical.

Washing rules: a collection of hints

Washing cannot be ignored because this material accumulates dirt and harmful microorganisms (such as mouse and keyboards!). The land on the mat will be transferred to the lower part of the computer mouse, which is easy to break. The important thing is that the accuracy and speed of the fixed cursor will be reduced.

Textiles, plastics, and gels

Only use warm water, not hot water for hand-washing fabrics, plastic, gel, and rubber carpets. Too cold is harmful to the skin of your hands, and it is even more challenging to remove the dirt from it. The best temperature is 40 degrees.

They are used as a regular detergent, baby or household soap, detergent (powder can also be used, but not corrosive), shampoo, or even detergent as a detergent. All these options can eliminate dirt and fat. It is best to refuse corrosive bleach.

How to clean the product correctly:

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution by thoroughly mixing the soap/powder/gel into the foam.
  2. Immerse the product in water, and then wipe all sides with a sponge. Do not overuse it to avoid accidental tearing of the material.
  3. Wipe the mat until all dirt is removed. If necessary, change to clean water, add soap again, and repeat the procedure.
  4. Rinse until the soap is completely removed with clean, warm water, and then you can use the water stream from the tap.
  5. To rotate, do not twist the product. Please press down gently. You can wrap the carpet in a terry towel to “step on” the carpet.
  6. The carpet is small and dries quickly, so there is no need for batteries, hairdryers, and direct sunlight. Iron is even worse. The material can be dried for up to 24 hours.

Before washing, we recommend you to test: spread a damp cloth on the carpet to see if it falls off. If paint marks remain, it is best to find another cleaning method.

Exotic material to clean the mouse pad

Features of cleaning rare materials:

  1. Don’t get the cork mouse pad wet. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and some high-tech cleaners. There are specially impregnated napkins for office equipment.
  2. Also, wipe rather than wash the aluminum layer, natural leather, suede.
  3. Clean the glass mat with an alcohol solution.

Other tips to clean the mouse pad:

  1. Before continuing to use, be sure to dry the mat thoroughly. Otherwise, it will damage the mouse and the surface of the table.
  2. The carpet is cleaned approximately every 2-3 months, depending on the time you spend on the computer.
  3. Pay attention to the mouse. Otherwise, it will often need to be cleaned.
  4. Clean the smooth carpet regularly with a clothes brush. For furry varieties, we recommend using a soft cloth or a sponge instead of stiff hair. Generally, do not use sharp and hard objects for cleaning. Otherwise, the structure of the material may be damaged.
  5. Take a closer look at the mini vacuum cleaner for household appliances.

Pay attention to details such as the mouse pad to make you work or relax on the computer as comfortably as possible. Frequent washing is harmful to the product, so don’t ignore the essential measures to keep it clean: brushes, napkins, cleanliness during snacks, etc.

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