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How to be a hacker?

Becoming a hacker: the path

Let’s clarify one thing: the hacker is seen, in general, as the one who commits computer crimes, but this is not the case. A hacker is much more. The concept of hacking should be understood as a discipline that teaches new things and solves even complicated problems. So, how to become a hacker from scratch, from nothing? If you are interested in this IT job, keep reading this article. Today we will explain how to take up this profession and how to become a professional hacker. Of course, after reading this article, you cannot pretend to be already a hacker, but you can enter the world of hacking and, starting from the basics, aspire to be a hacker.


Therefore, this article is designed for inexperienced users and those novice people who do not know how to move and where to start and aspire to learn new things about the world of hacking. So let’s start from the basics to point you on the right path. Here are our tips and pointers:

  • The sine qua non for being a genuine hacker is to learn what a computer is and how it is made. We told you that we were going to start from scratch. Although it is reasonably clear advice, it is by no means taken for granted. Indeed it is essential!
  • The second important step is to learn how to use the computer. This is also obvious, but it is necessary as well as using a computer.
  • Learn a programming language. Do you know what it is? A programming language is a language through which programs (software) can be created. Why learn it? For two reasons: the first is that by learning a programming language, you understand better how a computer is made and how it works, and the second is that it makes you enter more and more into the world of hacking. We recommend that you first learn a simple language like Python and then move on to more complicated languages ​​like C ++. It’s probably a good idea to use an excellent platform to get started (Backtrack 5 R3, Kali, or Ubuntu 12.04LTS). Also, learn to use UNIX, the operating system of the Internet. You can’t be a network hacker without understanding this language.

Bottom Line

  • Train yourself to create simple programs, software that can perform specific tasks. This will help you to become familiar with programming languages. Write in HTML. If you cannot program, it is essential to learn the basics of HTML (HyperText Mark-Up Language). For exercise, learn how to make a simple home page and use it as a starting point.
  • So, learn the basics of hacking. Like? Learn the basic hacking techniques using the Python language.
  • Get familiar with the website. Also, learn web languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, and Javascript and assimilate techniques such as SQL Injection.
  • However, learn to leave no trace. This is perhaps one of the most complicated parts of hacking. To learn how to become anonymous online.
  • Therefore, find out and keep up to date by visiting various sites and blogs dealing with hacking and cybersecurity. We remind you that cracking is an illegal activity that can lead to heavy penalties. This is a serious crime and is punishable by law.

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