How often should you wash your hair?

How often should you wash your hair

Everybody has their philosophy. When the question arises, how often should you wash your hair? Some said daily, weekly, or never. Generally, everyone else has hair that requires different levels of care. 

  • Dry hair 

If you have dry hair, the experts recommend washing them about 1 to 2 times a week. This is the only way for the natural oils in your scalp to penetrate your hair and take care of it. If you do a lot of sport and sweat, you have to wash your hair more often. You should use mild shampoos like baby shampoo because they are natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals and preservatives.

  • Normal hair

If your hair type is standard, As long as your hair isn’t greasy or prone to dry and split ends, you can wash your hair as often as you want. With the right shampoo, nothing stands in the way of even daily washing. However, taking a day or two between washes ensures that the natural oils in your scalp are retained. These ultimately ensure more suppleness.

  • Oily hair

Do you have oily hair? Perhaps this is precisely why you wash your hair every day. Instead, however, you should try to wash your hair less often. Instead, use dry shampoo or massage baby powder into your roots – this will soak up excess oil. Usually, this should curb the sebum production of your scalp and soon result in less oily hair.

Is washing my hair every day harmful?

In principle, it is not harmful. Shampoos with mild surfactants and care formulas are now designed to be used every day.

But that does not mean that daily hair washing is essential. The scalp produces sebum to maintain its protective film. Massaging them too hard while washing stimulates the production of the sebum glands – the hair becomes greasy faster.

So if your hair can stand it for a few days without washing, nothing speaks against washing less often. If you wash your hair every day, you should use a mild shampoo.

How to wash your hair correctly?

Combining hair before washing To remove knots that washing can cause hair breakage and split ends.

  •  Use Shampoos without silicone: Use gentle shampoos without additives to wash your hair because They can destroy the structure of the hair and irritate the sensitive scalp.
  • Washing the roots is sufficient: A small dollop of shampoo is enough to get the hair clean. Because you only need to shampoo the approaches, as the sebum forms only there. When rinsing, the lengths are cleaned automatically.
  • The conditioner does not belong in the whole hair but the tips. If you also apply the conditioner to the leading hair, it will flatten the hairstyle. Conditioners stay on the surface to quickly create suppleness and shine.
  • Hair treatments contain conditioning ingredients similar to conditioners but with more of them. They penetrate the hair fiber. You also only apply them to the tips. However, it would help if you had more patience: the thicker the hair, the longer the treatment should work. Usually, it is enough to use a hair conditioner once a week.
  • Don’t rub your hair dry with the towel, or the ends will break off. To avoid split ends, it’s best to squeeze them out well after rinsing. Blow-drying is also not so good for your hair. Make sure to keep enough distance and choose the coldest level.

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