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How do tornadoes form?

When a tornado sweeps across the country, it leaves a swath of devastation. Roofs are covered and cars are lifted. But how does a tornado come about? In this article, we read about How do tornadoes form?

Explained in a child-friendly way: how does a tornado develop?

A tornado is a very strong cyclone that forms over solid land. He can pick up anything from the ground that is in the way. Some tornadoes are even powerful enough to lift houses and cars – it can be terrifying, but it can also be impressive. A tornado appears along with a large thundercloud. The thundercloud and various winds pull the air up from the ground and swirl it around so that a tornado can form. It is dangerous, but it only occurs in small forms in our country and does not cause much damage.

Knowledge for school children: This is how tornadoes develop

Tornadoes are powerful cyclones that form over flat land. The USA has a particularly high number of tornadoes, mostly in states like Kansas, Nebraska, or Texas, which can be found in vast areas without mountains or valleys. In America, there is a whole section called “Tornado Alley” where there are always strong cyclones.

A tornado occurs when a strong thunderstorm approaches on a flat surface. Different temperatures create strong winds that blow in different directions. The air then rises in a spiral under a large thundercloud. The turns get faster and faster so that a house becomes visible. This leads from the cloud to the earth. A suction arises that pulls up everything that is not anchored firmly enough to the ground. When the tornado weakens, any objects that have been sucked in will fall back to the ground. The tornado leaves a trail of devastation as seen on television.

Tornadoes are also called wind pants and they only occur over solid land. When such a swirling strong wind arises over the sea or ocean, it is usually called a hurricane. In fact, there are many different names for this type of storm, depending on where it originates.

Are there tornadoes in Germany too?

In fact, there are always tornadoes in Germany. Up to 60 pieces are sighted annually. However, they are not as strong here as in the USA. Whole houses are blown away there and cars are picked up. But since Germany is heavily overgrown and has many mountains and valleys, the tornado has no way of building up heavily. The spiral is interrupted after a short time. Many of the tornadoes that occur here are very small, which means that they are almost invisible.


Tornadoes occur when the air under a thundercloud is drawn up in a spiral to form the cloud. In the United States, tornadoes are common and cause severe damage. Texas and the neighboring states, in particular, there is a high probability of seeing a tornado. In Germany there are few, weaker tornadoes that are almost invisible. If you find such weather phenomena exciting, you may also be interested in how thunderstorms or snowflakes arise.

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