Difference between compress PDF and resize PDF.

Difference between compress PDF and resize PDF

PDF stands for the ‘portable document format,’ and the primary purpose of the PDF is to share different files between different devices and operating systems. Sharing of documents, converting, and exporting the files are not relatively simple. The difference between compressing PDF and resizing PDF Sharing documents with different computer programs was complicated, but with the help of PDF, we can easily create, convert and share documents. 

PDF is one of the vastly used file formats all over the world. Many people choose PDF instead of paper files and word documents because it is easy to use anywhere and open files on any other device. PDF is famous among students, specialists, and novel readers who want to read the novels on their mobile phones or tablets.

Compress PDF 

Compress PDF is a valuable tool used to compress the size of PDF documents and images in a smaller resolution. 

The main reason for compressing PDF files is that people want to reduce the size of their documents because sometimes they face difficulty while sending their large files through email. With the help of compressed PDF, people can easily send your documents via email. 

With the help of a compressed PDF tool, users also compress images from PDF documents. When the user compresses their documents, then they cannot be changed in their original state.

 PDF Resize   

With the help of the resize PDF tool, users can easily change the size of their documents; they can also change the size and margins in their files.

It is a very beneficial tool for shortening large files to save the space of the computer and change the size of paper for printing. 

Users can easily resize and upload their files with the help of this tool. 

Resize your PDF documents according to the quality presets.  

  • For a screen viewing, low quality contains 72 dpi images.
  • For eBooks, the medium quality contains 150 dpi images.
  • So For printing, the high quality contains 300 dpi images. 
  • For very high quality and resolution print, consisting of 300 dpi images maintaining all colors.       

The main difference between compressing PDF and resizing PDF 

Both compress PDF and resize PDF is an essential online tool. The main difference between the two is that compressing PDF. Only reduces the size of PDF documents. While PDF resizing changes not only. The size of PDF documents. But also changes the size of pages and margins


PDF is very famous worldwide because the documents stored in this format never change their original quality and can be shared among various computers consisting of different operating systems. PDF resize and compress PDF both is essential to change and reduce the large PDF documents. Both are user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. They provide security assurance to their users.